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Top 10 Safety Dos and Don'ts for Solo Women Travelers

Updated: Jul 29, 2018

Traveling solo to most women is considered as an experience of self-realization, some see it as a journey of exploring the world that they have always wanted to check out of their bucket list for a long time. In fact, several women travel solo for body detox, get in shape and get a new closet.

Various psychologists have also recommended that women should take solo travel as a way of getting rid of stress, depression and even heartbreak. In some cases, women have met their soul mates during their solo journeys. Some use this occasion in search of new businesses and job opportunities.

Even though the benefits of traveling solo are excellent, without taking precautions, some solo women trips end up becoming boring, disastrous, more stressful and disappointing. Hence, here are some of the dos, and don’ts when traveling solo.

1. Inform at least two people where your destination is.

No matter how much you want to keep it as private as it can be, always tell at least one trusted person of where you are traveling. You don’t want to see yourself on the “missing” page of the daily newspaper.

Besides, for your safety, in case of any tragedy at least you will have someone to back you up using the local authorities. Also, take advantage of social media and get your friends and relatives posted via Facebook, Instagram, and email.

2. Plan your trip.

Have an itinerary ready. Know when and what time your flight is leaving. Find out if tourist visa is necessary upon arrival in the country. Also, if possible, plan with your hotel to pick you up at the airport.

Apart from that, highlight the various places and attractions you would want to visit, so you don't forget any. In case you get lost, have a smartphone handy and use google maps for convenience not random people on the streets.

3. Have a positive attitude.

Happiness and peace from oneself always bring out a positive attitude. Do not panic for things yet to come. Take time to meditate and let positive energy take charge. Have a good and inspiring book with you.

Always smile to the locals and be kind to the waiters, hotel attendants, shopkeepers because they might be of significant help when looking for recommendations to visit.

4. Be careful with your personal belongings.

Always keep an eye on your hand luggage when moving around. Know where your passport, wallet and your itinerary at all times. Never leave it in the hotel room while going out. Always have it even in the showers.

Note that your passport is your most important possession while on a trip. Do not leave your bag unattended as you run errands at the airport or bus station. You do not want to lose it or even get it stuffed with drugs, especially at the airport.

5. Do not tell strangers where you are staying.

Meeting people should be fun and enjoyable. Some men would want to know where you are staying, or they would want to give you a ride back to your hotel after a nice dinner out or even from clubbing.

Always have control of your alcohol intake. You do not want to pass out in the middle of strangers. Note that not everyone should be trusted enough to know where you stay. Some might be drug lords, rapists, and even murderers. Always listen to your instincts.

6. Control your generosity.

Being generous is good and the right thing to do but, this should be controlled or even avoided as a solo woman. In some city streets, for instance, beggars from cartels nearby, once you have given out a token to one beggar, the rest will follow you and even try to rip out your bag and your wallet.

7. Avoid offers from strangers.

Would it be nice if a good-looking man approaches you at a restaurant, a shopping mall, or even in a club and asks all about you and offer to buy you a drink, pay your bill or even pay for your shopping?

Most women might consider this as a very kind gesture to refuse. But it should be viewed as an enormous risk because most of drug trafficking activities start in this way. You do not want to be a victim.

Therefore, always have enough money with you, so you don't end up getting tempted with these offers.

8. Control your budget.

Women are known to lose control when it comes to shopping. Hence, always have a controlled budget of what you want to buy as souvenirs or as gifts to family and friends back home.

Do not overspend on unnecessary stuff that you might not even use. Always keep in mind that there is another day of living and you will need money to spend.

9. Write a diary.

Keeping records of what you have experienced might be a perfect idea especially for the future and even used it as evidence. Most writers have written their books based on their travel experiences.

Also, a diary will help in remembering the places that you might forget or might want to visit again with family and friends. Pictures are also a form of journals.

Take photos with a great camera. Nowadays, a smartphone all you need. Sharing photos on social media is another way of keeping a record of them.

10. Socialize and make new friends.

There is a saying,” a friend is a stranger you have not yet met.” Therefore, while traveling solo, enjoy yourself to the fullest, and interact with other people. Traveling solo should not be regarded as not talking to anyone at all.

“Birds of the same feather fly together.” Thus, look for people who are also tourists at local gatherings, while hiking, at the gym, or even at the beach. Who knows, the person next to you might end up your best friend for forever.


There are so many little precautions to be aware when traveling as a woman. With the above dos and don’ts, these tips are essential to be considered to avoid low satisfaction during solo women vacations.

Otherwise, as St Augustine said, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only one page,” these tips should encourage all women to try and travel solo to fulfill their dreams.


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