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Free Travel: It’s Easier Than You Think!

Updated: Jul 29, 2018

Some of us never get to get away from our daily lives and enjoy time off. All of us wish for a dreamy vacation in Europe where we can live out all of our fantasies. But how do we do that? Most of us make the excuse of not having enough funds for our journey. Well what if I told you that the secret for your travel needs could be in your pocket within a day? With these methods you could be fuelling your vacation with your everyday lives! It sounds a little far-fetched but it is true!

Free Travel with Travel Credit Cards

You have probably never heard of travel credit cards but they are going to be your best friend from now on! Most credit card companies and banks offer a variant of their credit cards that build up points when used. These points can then be used to purchase various things such as airline tickets to hotel rooms.

The most important thing you need to do when you acquire a travel credit card is to use it everywhere. You need to use it as you would your normal cash/debit cards. Use this travel credit card when you buy groceries, fuel, food etc. You can even pay your bills with travel credit cards! They should effectively become your daily drivers. These are essentials to free travel.

It is important that you do not go over the limit of these cards as you will be charged with interest. Pay them back as before the due date. I like to use them to about half their limit. So if it is a card with a $5000 limit, I will use it up to $2500 and then pay the card back before it charges interest. But that does not mean you cannot use to its full limit- but always remember to pay the balance in full before due date.

The best benefit of these cards are that you get rewarded bonus points with some retailers through the card’s online portal. So you can access a retailer, like say, Walmart through the cards online portal and shop as you normally would. But on check out instead of 1 point for every $1 spent, you can get up 3! Of course this varies by retailer. So you’re effectively on the fast lane to fast travel.

Free Travel with Airline Loyalty

A lot of airlines offer free loyalty programs where you earn point or miles based on how much you travel. If you reach a certain number of points, then you get a free ticket! Or two even! Actual free travel! You only have to end up paying government taxes.

Airlines like Southwest are best for this since they are the cheapest. If you want to splurge a little choose one of our favorite, Delta airlines. So if you even have to travel for work or for anything else, use these airlines. I would say stay loyal to one specific airline and build up your points with them. Although I do love Southwest and it is the cheaper option, Delta Airlines offers many ways to build up your points.

With Delta you can access their online portal and even go to specific restaurants to earn miles. You can also earn more miles when booking an Airbnb room. That’s right, you earn miles for booking rooms and eating! All you have to do is just login through Delta’s online portal ad or go to deltaairbnb.com and enter in your loyalty number. Everything else is literally the same.

Free Travel with Hotel Loyalty

Loyalty! You’re probably tired of hearing that word now but hey, it’s what is getting you to your destination free of cost. Hotels too have loyalty programs that reward you for staying with them. The more you stay with them the more points you accumulate. The more points you accumulate the more rooms you get! It is that simple. Same as before I would say to stay loyal to one specific hotel or hotel chain. Also do not book off third party booking sites. While you do get points, it is difficult to cancel booking should an emergency arise. So always book directly through the hotels!

These are the things we do that gives us free travel. Use one travel credit card, be loyal to one hotel chain and airline and explore their programs on many ways to earn free travel. If you love traveling, you will love it even more when its free!


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