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8 Tips For Budget Traveling

Updated: Jul 23, 2018

You might not be having a lot of money, but you want to travel the world. With the falling dollar value and rising gas prices, traveling is slowly becoming expensive. But, you can still hack it by planning carefully, using savvy solutions and thinking creatively. Here are 8 Tips that will help you have a budget-friendly-travel.

1. Form a Plan

Spontaneous travel is great, but only if you have enough money and time. For budget travelers, planning is essential. Write down in your plan how long and how much you are willing to spend at each stop during your journey. Know the routes to take and which ones are more adventurous. Planning will help you avoid last-minute flights and hotel booking as they are always expensive. Your plan should be very detailed and workable so that implementing it becomes easy.

2. Off-Peak Traveling

Do not travel during the summer holidays or when schools are closed because the industry players often take advantage of this to raise their prices. You can quickly do online research on the best times to travel to your destination, then travel outside those dates. Even though you might not fully enjoy your travel like during the peak season, but at least, you will have fun. During low season, airlines and hotels often have attractive deals and packages.

3. Alternative Accommodation

Do not spend a fortune staying in a 5-star hotel, but instead, opt for cheaper accommodation such as hostels or budget hotels. You can, for instance, share a room to share the costs together. Nowadays, there are plenty of websites that can help you find cheaper and more convenient accommodation. With Airbnb or CouchSurfing, you can get accommodation by a local who can be helpful in familiarizing yourself with your travel destination. This will help you save a lot of money.

4. Proper Packing

Before traveling, ensure that you pack all the items you need so that you don’t end up shopping while on the move. Write a checklist. Apart from buying souvenirs, you should not spend money buying stuff. Regardless of your travel destination, always carry with you a pair of jeans pants, a hoodie to keep you warm and a waterproof jacket as you do not know how the weather might turn. Carry enough clothing and electronics such as cameras.

5. Early Flight Booking

The earlier you book your flights, the cheaper the cost. If you intend to travel next month, or the month after, you can make the booking now. While booking your flights, ensure that you buy a return ticket because you might run out of money while abroad. Since most airlines allow reservation of up to one year, research on the airlines that offer competitive ticket prices. Google Flights is a favorite way to search for cheaper flight tickets.

6. Fly Smartly

Weekend travels can be expensive. Between Friday and Monday, airfares might be a bit pricey. To overcome this, it is advisable that you travel during the midweek. By deciding to fly in the middle of the week, there likely will be shorter lines at the airport. Flying during midweek is also hassle-free as most planes don’t always get filled. Do not carry a lot of luggage to avoid extra fees. Bring an airline-approved carry-on bag and fill it up as much as possible to save extra money for your destination.

7. Public Transport

While traveling, it is also advisable to use the cheapest means of public transport available. As long as it is safe and reliable, ride trains and buses instead of flying. For instance, if you travel overnight using a train, you will have saved money instead of spending for an overnight hotel.

8. Eat Cheaply

You can get inexpensive meals at the local supermarkets or food markets as opposed to eating overpriced foods in restaurants and cafes. Avoid unnecessary expenses such as daily consumption of beer or a visit to the movies. For cheaper meals, you could choose hostels or spare rooms that have cooking facilities. Cooking for yourself will help you save a few extra coins.

These tips are very helpful in ensuring that your budget travel is a success. By using these tips, you will enjoy your trip without necessarily spending a lot of money.


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